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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  January 30, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EST

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howard county. no reported troubles there. and a great morning for people driving on the harrisburg expressway. a live look at 695, exit 24, harrisburg expressway. all lanes open and moving freely as well. governor martin o'malley introduced a bill to legalize same sex marriage. opponents are planning a protest to stop that from happening. >> ar tin o'malley has been outspoken for weeks. pastors, officials will gatt tore protest against the bill. they are being organized by the marriage alliance. the delegates and senators and cheryl grin will attends the rally. the legislation was stalled last year and back in the
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spotlight of the legislative session this year. martin made it a priority. the first lady called the opponents, coward. the rally is 6:00 tonight. hearing on the same sex bill is scheduled for tuesday. governor o'malley who has seen a backlash over his wife comments, tried to smooth things over sunday. she called the act cowards thursday. on sundays the governor spoke to the national lgbt conference and said, quote, i love my wife very, very much and for the last 20 years, she balanced a host of responsibilities and doing it well. none of us speak perfectly and sometimes we make mistakes.
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a hearing is set for tomorrow. it's been 7 days and nights since police don't know who killed a 68-year-old woman trying to cross the street. moore was coming home from a grocery store when a white ford 500 hit mer and kept driving during the weekend. neighbors held a vigil to draw attention to the case and police are asking anyone to call crime stoppers at 8667 lockup. over the course of the weekend, 7 people died in traffic accidents , one was a custodian at the high school. hundreds of people were on the scene after learning what happened. a view willing be held this friday from 3:00 to 9:00 at our lady of chesapeake in pasadena. the service will be held at 10:00. saturday morning calls about a car driving in the wrong direction claimed the lives of four people.
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three teens were in a car going west near davidsonville road. a car caught fire and the driver of the other car died on the way to the hospital. the teens were graduates of mead and severn park high schools. education alert, flip classrooms, open house today in two countries. 20 states and more than 30 cities in town. sherrie johnson joins us live with more on the preview of what we can expect. this is going to be a great event for so many across the worlds. >> reporter: we are here live at st. paul school for girls. they will have an open house to learn more about the flipped classes. they will be focusing on algebra one and two classes. dawn adams is the chair of the math departments and teaches algebra one and two. what is flipped learning?
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>> in the old classrooms they go home and complete problems for home work. what we have done is used live technology and the students watch the lesson on line, and then when they come in to class, they are able to complete the problems with the teacher present. >> reporter: show us about how it works. >> i will give you an example of a lesson they get on line and go through the class web page and just hit play. it's explaining to lesson to them now. >> students can, if they want to, fast forward, if they understand, or if a student has difficulty and wants to slow the lesson down, they can pause. >> this is taking me back. >> i've had students in the past when we have had to
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lecture in class, they say can we do this on line? we can't pause you. we can't fast forward you in the classroom. they enjoy to interact as their own pace. in the classroom when we are doing to problems, they like collaborating with each other. >> how are they doing? >> what i am seeing in the classroom, we are able to go in to deeper problem solving and do critical thinking and i'm able to individualize their learning. students that need a little extra support can get that and students that i can push more could get that as well. >> thank you so much. i tell you what, i wish they had that when i was in high school. math wasn't my favorite subject. that would have made it easier to take on. thanks, dawn. we will talk with dawn throughout the morning, the open house kicks off at 12:30 and runs until 1:15 and opening up the classrooms here to teach educators about flipped learning. sherrie johnson, abc2 news.
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if you live in an area prone to thunderstorms and tornados, coming up, areas used to prone to storms.
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alabama is suspectable to this. james and claudette hunter bought a bus for $800, got someone to dig a hole and the bus is the refuge in case of the storm. the bus sits 9 feet underground and can shelter 100 people. i was looking at thats i was like, is the bus going to be out there, but you said it was underground. things are looking goods. 9 feet. good shelter there, i like that. the satellite and radar, not picking up on a lot close to home. the front pushes through and we are looking good. plenty of clear skies, lots of sunshine throughout the day. what is going to happen, is you are going to have to go to the north if you want clouds and snow as well. temperature 31 degrees, cockeysville. sparrows point 32, pasadena, columbia, coming in at 27 degrees, look at the wind gusts though, 26 sparrows point, pasadena 23.
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sykesville 16 and bel air 21, the winds are west and we will stay breezy throughout the day. i have a warm up to talk about that's coming up, over to angela with a check of the traffic. you have good news, huh? >> i have great news. it's great monday morning so far. we received confirmation, all lanes are open on both the northbound and southbound direction on the harbor tunnel as well as the fort mc henry. getting through the city should be a good thing right now on the interstates. no troubles to report for those of you coming in on howard county. a live look at u.s. 29, wide open here, looking great for you, through howard county. if you are coming in from arundel. there are no accidents on i-97, a live throbbing through the glen burnie region and secondary roads clear this the area. looking good, especially on 97 here, making northbound all the way to the beltway. it's used to make things in nursing billows and car seats.
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why officials wait a minute to ban a material that's being used in some baby product,, how this could be putting your child in danger. dozens are dead after a fire at a rehaber in in peru. officials say the victims had little chance to escape. you are watching good morning maryland, we are first and only at 4:30, news time is 5:12. 33 degrees outside.
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a new segment on good morning maryland, monday morning, working to keep you and your family healthy. linda so is here for the healthy tip. charlie, every monday we will be joined by dr. karen boil to talk about health and today it's about your heart, february is heart awareness month. we talked about how symptoms can be a typical for women if they have a heart attack. usually won't feel the typical chest pain. >> 42% of women don't exhibit
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the symptoms. nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and indigestion. >> combination of those that might trigger a signal that you might want to go to the doctor. >> exactly. >> in this segment, let's talk about risk factors, what are they? >> many of us are familiar with the risk factors, it's good to review in february, being heart awareness month. high blood pressure, smoking, overweight, having high cholesterol, and type two diabetes, those are the things as well as family history. >> there is one risk factor that trumps them all? >> family history we can't change. control the controllable. the risk factors we can do something about, we should. exhibiting one risk factor can significantly increase your risk. >> you talked about cholesterol, obesity, that's stuff you can control through your diet or exercise. >> that's right. if you want to think about the things you can do, it's important to go to the doctor
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and get screened for high blood pressure and diabetes. take a walk, make a vegetable soup , the number one thing is stop smoking. that's the one thing that you can do, proactively to help your heart. >> wonderful, smoking, that's something everyone can control. >> take -- take as little work. >> you brought in a couple of foods with us to share, in our next half hour, we will talk about the foods and why they are important in improving the health of your heart. back to you. report has health advocates calling for states to ban flame retardants in baby products. toxic chemicals were found in 85% of items. report was issued by the pirg and toxic coalition. head to our website for all new information. do you drive in a car pool
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or send your child in one. majority of parents inconsistently use booster seats when car pooling. researchers surveyed parents. 76% reported using the safety seats when riding in the family car but it's common to drive other children and not consistently use booster seats when car pooling. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. good morning, it is monday, we are little bit on the breezy side. we have the winds sustained west at about 5- 15 miles per hour, you can see 7 now in to baltimore, these are sustained winds. gusts up to 20, 25 miles per hour, dc in around 10, 13 winchester, hagerstown 12. easton now at 8. we feel because of the winds, a lot colder this morning, coming in, in the 20s, everywhere from
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baltimore to easton. teens in to hagerstown, 22 york. the weather pattern, we had the cold front push through this morning and dropped a couple of flurrys across the northern harford county and in to carroll county. we are dealing with clearing out now. that's what we like to see, high pressure building in as we go throughout the day. we will get sunshine in here, make sure you get out and enjoy it. it is breezy outside, because you know, change is coming to the forecast, and i think you are going to like what you see. with the good times, you know we are going to get the bad times. we are going to pay for it, probably come march. as we look at what is going on here, things will pick up as we go in to wednesday and thursday, we will get showers in the forecast. 45 for today. we will have periods of sun and clouds, 30 degrees, partly cloudy, as we go through tonight and then by tomorrow, 60 freeze, mostly sunny and warmer, this is what i'm
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getting nervous for. your seven-day forecast will bring 63 in to wednesday. thundershowers will be in the forecast as we go in to your thursday as well. let's get a check of the traffic with angela, what is going on out there? quiet for the most part, only hazard is what you mentioned , the winds, winds warnings in effect across the bridge, little bit of extra caution out. there we are off to a great start for the monday morning commute. we have checked on the major routes, towards the capital beltway, 295, bw parkway is a good choice. i-95 a good choice as well. 95, through howard county. it's clear for you, in the southbound direction. checking on traffic flow, building on the beltway, 695, liberty. lanes are open on liberty. road closure overnight. you are goods to 695, westbound on liberty road.
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costa concordia ran agrounds 2.5 weeks ago. coming up next, why officials suspended the search for the missing and how long the ship will stay there. one athlete in an iron man competition ran in to spectators, they had nothing to hide. you are watching good morning maryland, back in a few minutes.
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welcome back. health officials are promising to crack down on treatment facilities that operate outside the law after 27 people were killed and others wounded when a fire broke out at a rehab center in peru. some 40 people were housed in a small place with one exit. local news outlets are reporting the information. the victims were trapped, no word on how the fire started. on sunday, announcement made from the tuscan officials to remove the costa cruise liner from the coast. rough seas forced suspension of
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recovery operations. the rough seas are causing the ship to move an inch and a half in four hours. death toll stands at 17. australia, runners took to the beach foiron man competition and lead runner who you see here, encountered surprising group. nudists seen watching the race and sunbathing. don't look at the monitor, what are you doing? here is the kick, that guy, he won the whole thing. thousands of fans are celebrating the -- you were looking a at the monitor, lynette. the fay silt is home for the championship. lenny harris has been missing
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in addition to the two hundred plus facilities that the university of phoenix has we have a very progressive online learning environment. we have something called phoenix connect that allows students to have a social network. you can post discussion questions. we have more than twenty thousand faculty members, chances are one of them is online when you need some assistance. i'm ron gdovic, i'm committed to providing my students with a twenty-first-century education and i am a phoenix.
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now, good morning maryland. i'm kuren redmond. more on how police cracked down on a prostitution and human trafficking. details straight ahead. things could turn ugly in the occupy dc movement. the deadline that comes today and protesters are vowing to fight it. >> tour of historical residents, put up on the market, those stories straight ahead on monday, january 30th. good morning, i'm charley crowson. hope your day is off to a great start. good morning, charlie. it is monday, it's a good mondays. we are dry out there, mp


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